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August 2022




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Winey focuses on delivering a user-friendly and visually engaging experience, enabling users to easily find wines, obtain detailed information, and locate nearby retailers.
By combining intuitive design, map-based search, image recognition, and personalized recommendations, Winey strived to simplify the wine exploration and purchasing process for both wine enthusiasts and non-experts.

One of South Korea's leading players in the wine industry, CODOTZ, has decided to bolster its competitive edge in the digital market by developing a new digital platform. Collaborating with Pathby Studio, specializing in planning and design, they have created the new platform called "WINEY." The primary target audience for WINEY is identified as digital natives, typically comprising young business professionals, entrepreneurs, and digital content creators in their late twenties to early thirties. These individuals are tech-savvy, prefer online consumption, and dedicate substantial time to digital and social media.

WINEY has been crafted with the consumption trends of digital natives in mind. The platform prioritizes personalized content and experiences, emphasizing products and advertisements tailored to users' interests and values. Moreover, WINEY recognizes the significant impact of influential marketing and user-generated content on purchasing decisions, thus incorporating strategies to leverage these elements effectively. Developed as part of CODOTZ's digital strategy, WINEY aims to meet the demands of digital natives and revolutionize the wine experience. Leveraging Pathby Studio's expertise, WINEY seeks to make wine consumption culture more enjoyable and accessible.

Analyze audience trends & User Persona

During the planning phase of WINEY, the process involved identifying core values and devising strategies to enhance users' wine experiences. This was achieved through various considerations.
Firstly, an analysis of the wine market and user interviews helped identify the primary needs that could serve as the bedrock for users. Among these needs, the most crucial ones were selected and established as core values, taking into account trends in the wine market and user preferences. Secondly, a competitive analysis was conducted to understand the market's competitive advantage and weaknesses. This helped identify WINEY's potential competitive edge and link it to the core values to establish the Impact Matrix. This process reflected considerations on how WINEY should differentiate itself from competitors.
Lastly, considering technological, economic, and policy aspects, the feasibility of each item was assessed. This led to the composition of the Impact Matrix, focusing on items with high feasibility. Considerations included technological feasibility, resource availability, and policy constraints.

Based on this background, the core values and Impact Matrix of WINEY were derived, centering around user bedrock and competitive advantage. This enabled the formulation of strategies for WINEY to enhance users' wine experiences and secure competitiveness in the wine market.

Impact Matrix

Core Value & Keywords
Competitors Analysis

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for users with this new service.

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