We were asked to design a storefront support application for a wine shop. Our client wanted the application to perform both online and field sales functions.

Before we started designing, we had an in-depth understanding of the management characteristics of wine as a commodity and the operational characteristics of wine stores, including restaurants and cafes. And we collected and analyzed a lot of data through field research and in-depth meetings with relevant people to make sure that the application was truly beneficial for users.

●   Client: Codotz

●   Role of PATH BY:
    From service planning to app implementation

PATH BY Studio collected detailed information about the challenges faced by real-world wine retailers and consulted with professional sommeliers to create a solution. To find the answers to what merchants really need and how to solve their problems, PATHBY Studio went through a logical and creative process, and it was an interesting and worthwhile journey.


WINO project was designed as a service that works with WINEY to allow offline stores to take orders, sell through the service, and manage inventory and stores. Since the app will be used for sales in real stores, data from the field was carefully collected, and workshops with the client were held to interpret it and come up with reasonable results.

PATH BY Studio communicated daily with the client using a variety of collaboration tools. They communicated via Slack, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and Notion. The UX team used Figma to create design solutions and share them with the client.

Interviews and Insights

We conducted interviews with our client's vendors to gather detailed requirements for each goal. Based on real-life situations, we were able to structure the functionality to optimize the wine shop as much as possible.

UI Design

The UI design for WINO focuses on creating a clean, intuitive, and visually appealing interface that enhances the user experience for wine retailers. It includes features such as a central home screen for easy navigation, a comprehensive wine inventory management system, streamlined sales management functionalities.

The UI design work emphasizes a user-friendly interface, mobile accessibility, and seamless integration with existing systems. Overall, the UI design of WINO aims to provide wine retailers with a visually engaging and efficient app that optimizes their store management, inventory control, and online sales processes.

The outcome

PATHBY Studio met with various people in the wine sales industry and sommeliers, who are wine experts, and collected the difficulties and realistic problems in the field from them. Based on the collected data, we were able to structure the services required for the actual wine sales site through careful analysis and create a logical UX. This resulted in satisfactory results for the client and quality data to base the service on.