CODOTZ wanted a service that would provide easy wine information and connect wine sellers with customers who were interested in wine but didn't know much about it. Our direction was that wine should be approachable and the buying experience should be intuitive.

●   Client: Codotz

●   Role of PATH BY:
    From service planning to app implementation

Winey focuses on delivering a user-friendly and visually engaging experience, enabling users to easily find wines, obtain detailed information, and locate nearby retailers. By combining intuitive design, map-based search, image recognition, and personalized recommendations, Winey strives to simplify the wine exploration and purchasing process for both wine enthusiasts and non-experts.


We ran multiple UX workshops with Winey’s team to gain a deeper understanding of their problem and close the knowledge gap regarding its market, customers, and broader product strategy.

Interviews and Insights

Interviews with lay users who fall within the scope of our target audience were conducted to define the pain points of wine information acquisition and purchase. This included the level of wine information they could understand and how they would like to acquire their favorite wines.

UI design

WINEY's UI design focuses on simplifying specialized wine information for young people, aligning it with their tastes and trends. It breaks down complex flavor descriptions into simple icons and intuitively aligns pairing information with their food preferences. WINEY aims to make wine exploration and selection fun, engaging, and tailored to the preferences of its young audience.

The outcome

PATH BY Studio worked closely with the WINEY team to design a sophisticated UI that would stand out from existing wine services. We made sure to incorporate feedback from professional sommeliers and Gen Z users. This was an enterprising challenge for PATH BY Studio, and it paid off beyond expectations for WINEY team.